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Coming Soon 2022


Story Time With Demons

Ashlee and Swedish artist/Illustrator Emmian, bring to life a whimsical 'Coffee Table Book' that features stunning digital art and actual conversations between Ashlee and 'The Infernal Divine' otherwise known as "Demons".  


Ashlee (Abella in the witch community) is a trusted healer, medium, demonolater, and occultist. She's finally ready to share some of her most fond and hilarious moments while working alongside these incredible divine beings.


The Second Death

The award-winning screenplay written by Ashlee B. Caress will be evolving into a graphic novel. Masterfully illustrated by: Sky Blue Christiansen.


Together they will bring to life the vast yet isolated underworld alongside our favorite King and his little sister. 

M I L K &  H O N E Y  - PITCH DECK.png

For Milk & Honey

All three seasons are laid out by episode. There will be special bonus episodes from your favorite characters! Maps of the world and an answer key, helping you learn how to become a screenwriter yourself! 

Check out our website:

www .Milkandhoneyweb. com

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